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Buffalo Wings Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

Posted on February 11 2023, By: Melita Issa

Buffalo Wings Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

Buffalo Wings is a staple for Super Bowl Sunday. ⁠

We've been doing this recipe over the last few years and is always a go-to since it's super delicious, easy to prepare and absolutely everyone loves it. ⁠

If you're preparing for the game, this is one of the recipes you definitely should make. 


  • Chicken Wings
  • Salt, Pepper, Paprika
  • Hot Sauce: Texas Pete, Sriracha, Sweet sol
  • Butter
  • Cornstarch
  • Carrots and Celery sticks
  • Avocado oil


Step 1: season chicken with salt, pepper, and paprika and mix

Step 2: measure out ½ cup of hot sauce mixed between the three types 

5 tbsp texas pete 

2 tbsp sriracha 

1 tbsp sweet sol

Step 3: melt 4 tbsp (½ cup) of butter

Step 4: pour ½ cup of hot sauce mix into a pot on med and stir

Step 5: put cornstarch on a plate to batter chicken 

Step 6: coat chicken well

Step 7: prep your carrots and celery sticks

Step 8: heat up some oil - I use avocado oil

Step 9: safely drop pieces in your fry daddy or pan

Step 10: fry for 8-10 minutes till golden brown

Step 11: put a few sheets of paper towels in a medium size bowl, drain, and repeat

Step 12: put all the chicken in a bowl

Step 13: pour warm buffalo sauce on top of the chicken and toss until evenly coated

Step 14: serve with blue cheese dressing