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Follow this skincare routine for men using Ceylon Skincare

Posted on February 02 2023, By: Melita Issa

Follow this skincare routine for men using Ceylon Skincare

We recently wrote about the founder of the male skincare line Ceylon Skincare, Patrick Boateng II. His story is inspiring and his brand is one of a kind in the market right now. MISO Living is a place for all genders and we wanted to make sure in 2023 we shed some love on specific wellness routines for our male customers.

@ceylonskincare products are a go-to⁠. Each one of them offers different solutions so you're able to build your own routine according to your skin needs. ⁠

This line dedicated to men of color it’s easy to use and really effective, so if you’re in the mood to get inspired and start including their products in your daily life, here you have Patrick’s complete routine. 

Step 1: Razor Bump Gel

I like to start my routine by getting my beard and neck area a bit wet and then lathering the Razor Bump Gel, vigorously rubbing to tackle any potential ingrown and other trouble spots gently.

Step 2: Facial Wash

After rinsing, I lather the Facial Wash over the rest of the face, making sure to get all areas from the forehead down around my cheeks and neck again. Rinse again.

Step 3: Acid Cleanser

I then follow with the Acid Cleanser, using a small amount to lather and pressing my fingers into my face while it foams up a little. I then rinse and dry off my face with a small clean towel.

Step 4: Toner with Cotton Pads

Our Cotton Pads are really nice because they don’t break when brushed across a beard or stubble, so I’d recommend them when applying our Facial Toner. In this step, I press a pad down on the dispensing top 4-5 times to saturate the pad and then wipe my entire face down, including the beard and neck area. 

Step 5: Facial Moisturizer

While my face is still a little moist from the Facial Toner, I place 5 dots of moisturizer on my face: on the forehead, each cheek, the tip of the nose, and the chin. I then slowly massage the moisturizer into my skin, making sure it is spread evenly between each area of my face, beard, and neck included.

It doesn’t get easier than that!