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Time Blocking - How to manage your time

Posted on January 13 2023, By: Melita Issa

Time Blocking - How to manage your time

Time blocking has definitely changed my relationship with work and having anxiety about my schedule.

I listened to self-help teacher, Mel Robbins and she has a system where she talks about how you can get everything out of your head with a mind dump. She recommends getting all your mental strains out on paper to help with mental clutter which leads to the mind feeling overwhelmed for most.

I really like to implement Mel Robbin's mind-dump tactic. Unfortunately, I found that even though it allows me to feel relatively okay, it is still not enough. The mind dump list, in itself, was a sense of disorganization in my mind, and therefore when I looked back on my list, it brought back up that sensation of feeling overwhelmed. 

So, I wondered; how can I deal with all of this? We always have so much going on in our minds and we absolutely should let it out. Mel Robbins is undoubtedly correct, but I needed more than this mind dump-technique.

I used various apps like Trello to organize, but again the feeling of submerging in my own mind dump lists was not subsiding. Also, constantly checking my phone for the said list was becoming problematic. With all the text notifications coming in and the casual popping into time-eating apps like Instagram or Tik Tok, this was quickly becoming more of a distraction.

Analog is the answer

Randomly the universe brought me a wonderful Youtube video by. “But First, Coffee” creator, Kallie Brancifort, had a full video explaining how she uses “time blocking”. I already knew about the subject but she presented her specific method and I decided to really give it a try. The main guide is that you need to have three lists rather than one mind dump list. The first list is the list of items you want to accomplish for the entire month. (See example 1) 

The second list is your weekly list which breaks down the overall monthly goals into smaller tasks. The third list is a daily schedule broken up into chunks of time. By allocating parts of the weekly list to dedicated chunks of time on your daily schedule, you have a more set plan. I break my chunks up into 1 -3 hours sections of time.

It's important that in your monthly and weekly list, you include personal goals as well as professional ones. Many people focus on work so much they get overwhelmed by all the little personal commitments in life that may get missed or forgotten. Remember, your personal life is just as important to track and stay on top of as a client or project. Don't limit these lists to just your work goals, put everything in your life on them and dedicate time to them daily. Morning routines, exercises, and going to the store; all these tasks should be included. (See example 2) 

The fact that I have so much less anxiety is amazing. Time Blocking has freed my mind from jumping to a task before I need to. It has eliminated my habit of overscheduling myself because I look at my life holistically for the day. I’m the past I would unrealistically spend my day tackling a long to-do list with no concept of time or my personal life.

Email us after a week or a month of time blocking and share how your experience was.