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Top 5 New York City Hotels

Posted on February 19 2023, By: Melita Issa

Top 5 New York City Hotels

New York City can probably be considered the heart of the world. This place is filled with culture, food, great activities, and a vibe that can’t compare to anywhere else. Going to NYC is automatically falling in love with it; even in its chaos and immensity, the city always gives a sense of home. 

The first modern hotel in New York City was the City Hotel, which opened in 1794. The hotel was located on the corner of Broadway and Thames Street, in what is now the Financial District. The City Hotel had 73 rooms and was designed to cater to business travelers and tourists. It was a popular destination for politicians, celebrities, and other notable figures, and it quickly became a symbol of the city's growth and prosperity. 

Over time, other hotels opened in the city, but the City Hotel is remembered as the pioneer of New York's hospitality industry. Unfortunately, the original building was demolished in the 1850s, and no trace of the hotel remains today.

Fast forward centuries later and companies like mine, MISO Studios, are the designers of boutique experiences around the world. The heart of my luxury hotel design experience was in New York City. New York has some of the most cutting-edge and engaging hotels in the world. Now that I do not live in the city; I have the pleasure of finally staying in hotels while I visit. My top 5 hotels that I have stayed at in NYC/Brooklyn thus far are the following: 

The Standard Hotel: Located in the Meatpacking District, this hotel is everything you need and more. The summer after COVID, I spent two weeks there reconnecting with the city. As a hospitality designer, I totally loved it.

The Standard has great outdoor space to socially meet up with friends, have a drink, and then relax in your room. The design is really luxurious and comfortable, and the lobby is pretty unique. 

Shopping in the meatpacking district can be a little expensive, so that’s why I prefer walking to Soho where there are countless cute boutiques.

Public Hotel: Located on the Lower East Side, this place will make you feel at home but surrounded by all the luxury you could think of. 

In its different areas, you’ll be able to relax, drink, taste a unique menu, or even work. This place offers a comfortable experience where you’ll enjoy some of the best views of NYC.

If you want to go around the neighborhood, you’ll find countless restaurants, bars to go to with your friends, and beautiful shopping boutiques. 

The Standard Hotel - East Village: This hotel is located in one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city. The vibes are cozy but vibrant and you won’t get bored at all. 

You can have something to eat at Café Standard, a street-level garden that also has an indoor mushroom farm and if you’re looking to get some drinks, NO BAR is a go-to 

The East Village has an eccentricity that you’ll enjoy while wandering through its historical and artistic streets. 

The Edition Hotel: Who doesn’t love a luxurious hotel? Located on Madison Ave you’ll have easy access to great spots in the city. 

This clock tower has a certain charm to it that you’ll love as soon as you walk in. You’ll find modern spaces, beautiful lighting, and a cozy vibe that’ll make you ease into it and relax while still being in a city that never sleeps.

New York City skyline, Madison Square Park, and the Empire State Building are just some of the views you’ll enjoy from this place. If you want to have a nice fancy dinner you can eat at the Michelin-starred winning restaurant, The Clocktower.

The William Vale: If you’re looking for a great option in Brooklyn, this is the right place for you. 

Submerge yourself in a creative community to discover wonderful places, shop vintage pieces, or bike around the Williamsburg bridge. If you want the hotel to help you or set your daily activities so you don’t have to worry about it they absolutely can do it.

Staying here is always a pleasure but even tho this is a luxurious hotel, I loved it for the views you can enjoy rather than for the room itself. 

No matter where you decide to stay, New York City is always a great option. Going there is finding yourself and enjoying the world all at the same time, that’s why it will always be our favorite destination. 

If you have any other recommendations for cool places to stay, let us know so we can share!