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Top 5 Tips For Your Morning Routine

Posted on February 16 2023, By: Melita Issa

Top 5 Tips For Your Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is the most important structure of my day.

I started being serious about my morning routine 5 years ago, and it has changed how I feel in the morning.

Your morning routine does not have to take forever either. I find 15, 30, 35, and 60-minute morning routines all are possible depending on your priorities.

Adopting a morning routine is one of the first beneficial changes in self-care you can make. It sets the entire day, so what better place to start than the first thing before life can get in the way?

We started sharing the morning routines of various industry professionals in our MISO Living Magazine. Our goal was to share various morning routines to give our readers variety. Like most things in life, there is no one size fits all to routines.

My top 5 overall tips I cannot stress enough about morning routines are the following:

1. Do not check your phone when you first wake up

2. Drink a glass of warm water or hot water with lemon when you first wake up, NOT COFFEE

3. Don’t jump right out of bed. Lay for 2-5 minutes and scan your body and mind for how you feel and what type of day you want to have.

4. Mediate or Pray for a minimum of 10 minutes before engaging with work

5. Journal your intentions for the day.

In January we created a series on morning routines on our TikTok account. Take a look below at some of the videos and tips we featured.

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